The legislation of Ukraine provides for cases when the Site Administration has the right to refuse to provide universal guarantees, which imply a greater responsibility on their part regarding the use of the content of this resource.

To do this, they publish certain conditions with which the user should be familiar. All possible disputes are resolved in accordance with the norms of state law.

After reading and agreeing to the terms of use of the resource, the visitor acknowledges that the site does not provide any commercial services, and therefore the legal norms for the protection of consumer rights do not apply to it.

In other words, the user must agree that he assumes all responsibility, since the site does not bear it.

The Administration of the Site is also not involved in the relationship of the parties in the case of indirect, direct or other types of damages that occurred as a result of operations with information on this site or on any other site where hyperlinks from our resource are located. Also, we are not responsible for the occurrence of such unforeseen cases as:

- decrease in productivity;

- suspension of economic activity;

– dismissal or interruption of labor activity;

- dependencies;

- deduction from educational institutions;

– loss of programs and data in information systems;

– in cases of lost profits, etc.

Such unpleasant cases often occur:

– in connection with the problem of access or the complete impossibility of using the Site;

- due to incapacity, interruptions, errors, defects, neglect, downtime or delay in transmission;

– computer virus or system failure.

In these situations, the Administration is also exempted from liability, even if it was informed about the possibility of damages.